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类型:恐怖  美国  1999 

主演:Billy Scam Tiffany Stinky Joel D. W 

导演:Marcus Koch  




Sarah has a surprise and gruesome announcement for Muzzy... she has contracted a deadly virus called the ROT which she got by sexing a dead guy from the local funeral home, and now she has passed it along to Muzzy. Slowly the two of them begin to ROT alive, spreading the insidious, flesh-melting disease to friends and foes and any unfortunate individual that es in contact with them. But Sarah and Muzzy&#39;s problems don&#39;t end there. The man responsible for their living death and the horrifying epidemic is Dr. Robert Olsen - a deranged scientist who used to work for the government&#39;s germ warfare research division. As the plague of rotting flesh accelerates out of control, the FBI and other secretive governmental agencies bee involved, and things are about to get even messier.


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